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Earning from online dating websites

According to published reports, Plenty Of makes ,000 a day from Google Adsense, those text ads that you see on many sites, including this one. 0,000 income minus a few thousand for server fees, staff, and maintenance = a huge monthly paycheck (not quite as huge after taxes). Because Plenty Of is a free online dating service, it regularly attracts tens of thousands of people not willing to invest a month to find “true love” on a paid online dating service that also forces visitors to endure a lot of ads, including popup ones (big mistake for online dating services). And some Web marketers are now theorizing that being an ugly site brings them more money because people click on an ad or Adsense link in order to leave the site, thus bringing the site owners more income.So not only is Plenty Of profiting from Google Adsense, but it is also building a massive database of online daters – hundreds of thousands. It’s unfortunate, but we may find more and more ugly sites popping up as people seek to fatten their pocketbook.

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Thus you need to always find ways of keeping your name in front of people.

So those who only do one month campaigns and stop get very little benefit from their campaign.

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There is no cap on how much money you can make using our affiliate program.

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