Diamond dating soldier boy

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Diamond dating soldier boy

"I was head over heels like immediately.""When Skylar and Danielle met ...

I had never seen the sparkle in his eye that he had with being with Danielle and the love he had for her," said Heller.

Heller says her son has been suicidal ever since."He said, 'Please let me die. "I am not positive that Skylar won't take his own life, still."But Heller refuses to give up on her son.

For the past year-and-a-half, the divorced mother of three has been in a desperate battle for her son's future -- a struggle she has documented for "48 Hours" in video diaries: Heller has uprooted her life - putting everything she owns into storage, leaving her teenage son, Aaron, with friends in Utah and moving to Tacoma to be with Skylar."She went---from living in a multimillion dollar home to living in a spare bedroom," Skylar told Moriarty.

" Moriarty asked."I think she's delusional is what I think she is," he replied. Skylar Nemetz, she was a beloved high school student who adored everything about life; her friends, her family, and her two favorite passions -- makeup and cheerleading."Danielle was the happiest girl you could ever meet," said friend Michaela Yingling."A little spark," James Peltier said. Mikolai immediately cast 5 foot tall, 100-pound Danielle as "the flyer" - the lucky one who gets tossed around in the air -- a role she was born to play."And did she like being the center of attention? "The center of attention was where she belonged for sure."It was attention Danielle wasn't really able to get at home.

Her mom died of cancer when she was just a toddler, and so Danielle and her three siblings lived with their grandmother in Mc Kinleyville, California. And then, when Danielle was 14, her grandmother died, too.

"That's the most painful thing out of all of this is knowing that I caused it."Skylar Nemetz shot his wife. 16, 2014."None of it made sense to me," said Danette Heller, Skylar's mother.

"She always got very close with the families of the boyfriends that she had.

Because they always were the most stable part of her life.

Heller and Skylar are staying with friends while he's under house arrest.

Skylar wears an ankle monitor, and mother and son have learned to live in very close quarters - even sharing a room."What mother wouldn't reach to the ends of the earth to try to believe that it was an accident and try to convince themselves that their son's not a murderer? But James Peltier says Danette Heller is wrong."Do you believe Danette is deluding herself? Super-energetic," said high school cheerleading coach Erin Mikolai.

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He had given her the AR-15 assault rifle for her birthday."She knew how to handle that rifle, load the rifle ... when I had my children, your guns stay in your safe," Heller explained. and always unloaded."And Skylar says those were the rules in his home, as well. I'm the a-----e with my friends 'cause I'm so big about it.

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