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Di 604 dyndns not updating

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I entered in my Dyn DNS login details under the "Dynamic DNS" section of the router web interface. But every thirty days, I get an email from Dyn DNS saying my hostname is about to expire because "my host has not been updated for 30 days."So I guess my router is not communicating with Dyn DNS..the router gives me no indication of this! I had the same problem with a DI-624 and decided to use a software client because I couldn't trust it.

Then, on the next router reboot - or the next ISP DHCP lease - it tests the dns name and if it doesn't resolve, then it does the update.

What level of logging do you need to turn on to see a confirmation that the update was sent, if the router will log it at all?

I just turned on System and Debug logging, but I haven't yet rebooted the router.

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