Description about yourself for dating

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Description about yourself for dating

Start with descriptive words that sum up your personality and then illustrate them with examples of what ‘fun’ or ‘passionate’ means to you.Some examples of words that benefit your profile: approachable, outgoing, friendly, independent, playful, passionate, thoughtful, creative, energetic, artistic, compassionate, comfortable, clever, adorable, ambitious, intelligent, fun, cute, open-minded, easygoing, happy, caring, adventurous, honest. They tend to frame the person in question in a positive light.Chances are you’re probably a lot more critical of yourself that others might be, so choose to highlight your best attributes instead of your faults.On the fence Of course, like all things in life, we all have our own preferences and tastes.Need some extra help with your current profile or a complete rewrite? You put in the enthusiasm that I was trying to convey.I really like the way my profile turned out and I’m glad I did this!Getting specific isn’t a bad thing, it just means you’ll be actively targeting people who those specific words will resonate with.

Chose the most positive terms that accurately describe your personality and include those in your profile.

Of course it’s always best provide examples about these characteristics, rather than just rambling off a list.

Io Identify a characteristic you’d like to highlight and then elaborate or illustrate it with specific examples.

All of these traits are kind of like flavors of ice cream, none are inherently bad, but everyone will have some they like some better than others.

Here are some examples of potentially polarizing words: kinky, experimental, emotional, pragmatic, intense, spunky, busy, skeptical, spiritual, radical, sassy, eccentric, [any specific political affiliation], stubborn, grounded, shy, loud, forward, reserved.

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