Delicia nassiri dating

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Delicia nassiri dating

Nassiri soon found the best way to express the lessons he learned from his studies was through another gift he was born with: music.

Nassiri wrote hundreds of songs and poems, each with an intrinsic message of a universal hope and love; each designed to invoke spiritual and encouraging images and thoughts.

He believes positive music allows our consciousness of being to achieve its highest levels of happiness, fulfillment and joy and brings serenity to our lives.

Nassiri believes that positive music heals because music is a universal language and offers each of us the opportunity to experience positive vibrations that occur when we listen to positive music…especially music that is delivered from a pure state of mind and loving heart.

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The music video for “Love Sees No Color” is truly a marvel in cinematic achievement in its beauty, originality, and most importantly, it’s powerful message of the need, now more than ever!