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Like the original tissue fossils, this positive evidence powerfully aligns with recent creation.

Robertson almost certainly meant to instead use the term "radioisotope dating," which secularists routinely use to estimate ages for igneous rocks that lie above or below dinosaur layers.

Perhaps he would be embarrassed to learn that secular scientists do not radiocarbon-date dinosaurs since the method is in theory useless for dating anything older than 90,000 or so years.

Unfortunately, too many have turned deaf ears and blind eyes to the many secular reports of still-present carbon-14 found throughout the very rock "record" to which Robertson refers, including oil, coal, fossils, natural gas, and marble.

But oil wells continue to gush with underground pressure.

Last, how can one conceive of burying that much algae beneath that much sediment without a recent catastrophe of global proportions?

Others include Dating 4 Disabled, a site for those with various disabilities; No Longer Lonely, for adults with mental illness and POZ Personals, for those with HIV.

Second, dinosaur fossils occur in sandwiched rock strata with little or no erosion between layers.Where is the evidence for either millions of years of slow and gradual deposition—which would have failed to preserve these creatures before they could fossilize—or of weathering—which would have eroded ruts and rills into the top of each layer?The strata's layer-cake appearance looks instead like many strata were deposited in rapid sequence.Actual rocks exist that men have labeled "Jurassic," but those very rocks, and especially the Cretaceous layers above them, refute the notion of a dinosaur "age." They look like massive flood deposits.And what about Pat Robertson's "radiocarbon dating"?

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Brashier's own experience of trauma each time she had to break the news that sex wasn't a possibility to potential romantic partners was her motivation.

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