Datingforassholes com

Posted by / 24-Nov-2016 02:39

Datingforassholes com

It’s the cry amongst the hapless Nice Guys that women only like assholes and therefore ignore the Nice Guys who would, like, totally treat them with respect man…

Meanwhile, other men will tell you over and over again that you need to be the Alpha Male, that you need to be dominant and prove you’re her social superior. They’re staring at you from the covers of the gossip magazines and the front pages of TMZ with the latest arm candy.

Tally it all up and you could be forgiven for thinking that being an asshole is the common denominator.

The Alpha keeps his position via intimidation and furious violence.

Betas who piss off the Alpha do so at their own risk.

2 View All Next »It’s been about six months or so since I addressed that perennial bugbear of nerd dating, the Nice Guy, and after some of the comments I’ve seen, on the blog and elsewhere, it seems like as good a time as any to revisit the topic.

Y’see, there are certain myths and misconceptions when it comes to dating that seem to have become axiomatic amongst men and chief among them is the classic “Women like assholes”.

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I think that shows in my profile pics and in my conversation with these guys.