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” At 32, chances are you’re looking to settle down.At the very least, you don’t spiral into a tornado of anxiety at the words “settle down.” I’m happy for you, but I’m not there yet.I’m not sure we’re on the same wavelength just yet.Hang tight.♦◊♦And if you’re 32, well, we may match up more closely, both being of legal drinking age, but I still anticipate some problems.

I’m occupied by learning how to take care of myself, metaphorically and literally, and it’s frequently epically self-indulgent. Each and every one of those relationships began somehow, and chances are one or both partners wondered if the age gap was too much to bridge.I am 23 and I’m officially over the hill, or so mounting evidence would suggest. What parameters represent good judgment and what parameters just indicate a fixation with age or status?, the outstanding analysis blog of online matchmaking site Ok Cupid, has demonstrated with brutal clarity that for women dating online, it’s downhill from here. Apparently, internet lore says there’s a rule for this sort of thing: If you’re a man: Halve your age, add seven.At 23, dating young is complicated by that pesky “college” business.Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled you’re educating yourself; I just think it might be hard to date you right now. I buy vegetables and change my sheets on a reasonably regular basis.

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