Dating while legally separated in sc dating online for guys

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Cheryl Asks: I've been separated for 10 years and we own a house together. Brette's Answer: Yes you can get a divorce even after your separation.

We both have made it clear and written what our wishes are should something like that happen, but will I still be the one that can legally make those decisions if we are living apart and legally separated?A separation agreement can outline where you and the children will live, address temporary support and visitation schedules, and determine how the assets will be split, bills paid, and mail handled.A legal separation can also help protect you from being held responsible for your spouse's debt, liabilities, and taxes after the date of separation.Am I legally separated if we're currently going through divorce?Mary's Question: Would I be considered legally separated if my husband and I are currently going through a divorce? A legal separation and a divorce are two separate processes. Betty's Question: We got married twelve years ago and he went to jail three month later.

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Kathy's Question: We have not lived together for over ten years, but never filed any separation papers.