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In 2016 a total of 301 players were selected in the 15-round process from 91 different teams across Ontario and parts of the United States.

The ALLIANCE had a total of 36 players selected from 12 different teams led by the league champion Waterloo Wolves with nine players selected.Some even theme their weddings around Harry Potter.A Bridal Guide featured two real weddings soon before the release of the final movie, which quickly spread through the fandom via Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.The first site to receive the award was Immeritus, a fan site mostly devoted to Sirius Black, and about which Rowling wrote, "I am so proud of the fact that a character, whom I always liked very much, though he never appeared as much more than a brooding presence in the books, has gained a passionate fan-club." although in 2010 the website came back online again albeit with a lot of content missing.The next site was the Harry Potter Lexicon, an online encyclopedia Rowling has admitted to visiting while writing away from home rather than buying a copy of her books in a store.

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Students will experience art as a form of self expression and their creative skills will grow naturally.