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When choosing your jacket make sure it’s clean, the colour suits you and it fits well.Yes your future partner is more observing than you think.Whatever your style make an effort regarding your hairstyle and facial hair. Don’t live in fear of rejection enjoy your date and no matter who you are we all do judge a book by its cover. For anything else, throw on a pair of jeans and get on with it.29. It will annoy the hell out of the club's (real) members.41. If it imparts any residue or feels slippery, that's a sure sign of bad or even fake cashmere. There's a 74 percent chance that a man who isn't wearing socks isn't wearing underwear, either. Unless he's a chef, a gardener, or a jolly fat man from Holland, no one should ever wear clogs in his daily life. Speaking of: We're not sure what Americans did to deserve Crocs, but whatever it was, we're sorry. If you see the words "Barbecue," "Come as you are," "Bring the kids," or "BYO" on an invitation, dress casually. The solid blue button-down shirt is the Jay Leno of American style.59.I hear it time and time again about how you should be yourself and that the person needs to know what you are really like.It does not matter what you wear or if you are making an effort for that date that you will come across as a try hard.But if you are hanging about till the evening then go for a nice blazer.Don’t worry you will have plenty of time to show the other side of your personality.

The most amazing thing about life is that from one day to the next you may just find that being single is no longer an option and in a heartbeat you’ve met that person you’ve dreamt of.If you are someone that can’t keep control of your food then choose dark colours and I would avoid white at all costs.Make sure you clothes are ironed and your message is showing the other person that they are worth the effort no matter what the outcome maybe.It's time for an upgrade, and Style Girlfriend is here to help.We're your go-to guide for wardrobe tips, style tricks, and everything else you need to know to elevate your game.

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Well for me I would stick to a shirt only because it demonstrates that you value that person. But when it comes down to your first date a shirt for me shows you care. Another option is a vest over a shirt or your t-shirt it’s a nice casual balance between well dressed and super edgy. I find in meetings this is a nice gentle way to make the person feel relaxed and comfortable.

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