Dating someone who is hiv

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Dating someone who is hiv

Whether someone tests HIV positive during a long-term relationship, or they are already diagnosed with HIV when the relationship starts, it is vital that each of you tests so that you can both be certain about your HIV status.

It can be difficult for someone with HIV to disclose, but not telling a partner can lead to problems later.

The other person may be angry that they weren’t told sooner, or you may accidentally have condomless sex - if a condom breaks, for example.

If a partner is not told and they subsequently contract HIV as a result of sex without a condom, you could be prosecuted.

Pr EP is not currently available on the NHS in the UK.

Only people enrolled on a research trial, called the PROUD study, (which is now closed and not open to new people) can get it.

Pr EP is a drug for people who are HIV negative, at high risk of HIV and finding it hard to use condoms all the time.

Pr EP means taking HIV medication during the risky period.

In an emergency, such as when a condom is not used or it breaks, there is a treatment called Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) which can stop a partner getting HIV.The highest HIV risk is if the uninfected person takes the receptive role in anal sex.The risk is lower if the person takes the insertive role.Viral load is the amount of HIV present in your body fluids.The higher someone’s viral load, the more HIV is in their body fluids, meaning a greater risk that the virus will be passed on during unprotected sex.

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Finding out that you have HIV will affect your current and future relationships, but it doesn’t mean an end to relationships with HIV negative partners.