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Users must fill out one of these in its entirety before they can create a profile.Typically, the pairing up is done for you based on your answers, though some matchmaking sites also allow users to search profiles for themselves.Common issues include dishonest profiles and scammers.Some also complain about sites inflating subscriber numbers, making people who sign up think they'll have plenty of choices, when most of the users are actually inactive.

Matchmaking websites take a more scientific approach than search-driven online dating sites by hiring notable consultants to create compatibility or personality questionnaires.

Reviewers say these two factors mean Match is still the traditional online dating site to beat, and they like that the site attracts users of all ages who seem to want something a little more serious than a fling.

The highly detailed profiles and search functions also make it easy to zero in on promising users despite the crowded field, reviewers say.

The big names, including, e and Ok, have retained their popularity and lodged modest growth.

However, users -- particularly younger ones -- including the most popular, Tinder.

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Plenty of people have met and married because of online dating -- 29 percent of people know someone who met their spouse or a long-term partner this way, according to Pew -- but others report frustration and disappointment with the experience.