Dating service for beautiful people I want to chat without any registration

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Dating service for beautiful people

To my surprise, about an hour ago I was granted access. What do you think of a dating website so focused on looks and looks alone?I do believe there could be a random element as to who gets in and who doesn’t, but obviously more than anything, this is good news for this piece, as I now get to explore all of the (free) parts of the site. I think I probably only slipped in because I’m at the younger end of the site’s demographic, and I’m female. Lots of dead links, lots of freezing, poor functionality… Lots of hype around a pretty poorly put-together operation. Perhaps a nice touch would be to ask for your sexuality before the screening process, to allow same-sex ratings? Is this really a sociological experiment, or are there nastier, darker forces at hand here?And, like any good experiment, in the name of accuracy, stringent checks are put in place to ensure that everyone is who they say they are, including various verification exercises, such as taking a picture of oneself with a piece of paper stating one’s username and date, to show that one’s profile is authentic.Well, in the name of journalistic curiosity, I had to try to break into this club myself. I dread to think how many times I logged in to find out how I was faring in this beautiful world.It is based on a traffic light system, ranging from ‘Beautiful’ to ‘Absolutely not’.“If applicants to Beautiful People get a majority of positive votes they are accepted, otherwise they are shown the door, it’s that simple.” Straightforward enough, sure.I applied a couple of days ago, answered all the screening questions (including those about eye colour, weight and, bizarrely, whether I can drive) honestly, uploaded a photo and waited. It’s insane, quite how much the rating system can affect your self esteem.

Be grateful if you've ever been denied entry into the selective dating site Beautiful, because reports indicate more than 1 million accounts had Security researchers find personal data leaked for more than 1 million users of the "elite" dating site Beautiful It’s quite fascinating seeing the trends in beauty mirrored through the website.” There certainly are obvious trends – Norwegians and Swedes top the acceptance rate charts, with the Brits and Germans trailing behind miserably at the bottom of the pile.Hodge describes this as ‘a fascinating sociological experiment’.“It’s human nature, it’s Darwinism, it’s millions of years of evolution.It may not be politically correct to say that looks are important but it is certainly very honest – it’s a fact of human nature.” Greg Hodge certainly doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to defending the way his site is run.

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