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Dating rubenesque woman

He was glad to see her eyes open wide, the effect apparently not one-sided.Maverick pulled his hand away with reluctance, peeking quickly at his unblemished skin.Perhaps not beautiful by modern day definitions, but most certainly by his.Her model height—a perfect match for his—was enhanced with heels.Also available are the older generation seeking companionship.Just about any form of online dating is represented on oasisoflove.I won’t go through hell again like I did last time I accidentally poked myself with my own curse of love.As Cupid, descended from Venus and Mars, also known as Aphrodite and Ares, he’d bestowed the gift—in his mind, curse—of love for thousands of years.

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Excerpt: (18 ) When his secretary buzzed him to announce his one and only ever disgruntled client had come calling, Maverick had braced himself for a lot of things, including the fact that whoever he’d face would probably have an ugly exterior to match her attitude.

Instead, breathtaking perfection walked into his office.

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When they meet, sparks fly–the lusty kind–but they both know from experience, love hurts.

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