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This special collection offers a few of the resources available online which encourage internet and technology safety.

Some of these resources are especially pertinent to people who are working through experiences of sexual violence, whether through technology safety planning or protecting personal privacy.

It seeks to answer questions about the threats faced by youth online, which youth are most at risk, and how threats may be interrelated.

Safety and Privacy in a Digital World (1 p.) by VAWnet Online Resource Center.

It offers an executive summary of those crimes, as well as specific statistics on types of crimes reported and investigated.

Guide to Internet Terms: A Glossary by the Internet Education Foundation (1998-2008).

Online Threats to Youth: Solicitation, Harassment, and Problematic Content (80 p.) by Andrew Schrock and danah boyd (2008).

While advocates, educators, students, and friends often use the internet to create change, raise awareness, or build relationships, some internet tools have been used in negative ways as well.

Back to the top Online Privacy and Safety Tips (1 p.) by NNEDV (2010).

This brief fact sheet provides basic tips and information on posting personal content online.

Interactive internet sites, including social networking, blogging, video sharing and virtual worlds burst into mainstream culture.

Increasingly, everyone from preschoolers to professionals find new ways of using internet and technology to learn, explore, advertise and communicate.

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This report provides information on the prevalence of cell phone use among teenagers, as well as frequency and reasons for sending sexually explicit messages on their mobile devices.

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