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One person remembers a time when Nicholas stormed into Samueli’s office, which was right next door to his own.

He was angry about some slight offense, real or imagined, and he “ripped him [Samueli] out like he was a five-year-old,” says this person.

At one point in early 2000, Broadcom offered an Intel engineer it wanted to hire an amazing million worth of them, according to a lawsuit Intel filed.

That Broadcom was aggressive with stock options wasn’t a secret, but the precise mechanics of the operation certainly were not well understood by outsiders.

“He wanted to live above ground with his wife and three children, with the option to go below ground to immerse himself in his cocaine, ecstasy, Viagra, speed, prostitutes, and party friends,” alleged the contractors who helped build what they called “the Lair.”On June 5 in Santa Ana federal court, prosecutors argued that Nicholas, who is six feet six inches, should be denied bail due to his propensity for witness intimidation (he has said he “could have people killed,” according to prosecutor Ken Julian), the ease with which he could flee (Nicholas owns an Italian-made Agusta helicopter as well as a Gulfstream IV and a Cessna Citation), and the potential threat posed by what the judge referred to as his personal army. When Henry was four, his parents separated, and Marcella eventually decamped for Santa Monica with him and his younger sister, Marsalee. In 1977, Nicholas, who went by “Nick” from a young age, graduated from Santa Monica High School, where he had participated in the “Strategy and Tactics” club as well as debate, and was named an outstanding student. “I have a theory that the elation you feel is directly proportional to the sacrifices you make.”Nicholas demanded the same level of devotion from those who worked for Broadcom.

“It was Satan and the nice guy, and Satan was running the show.”But it all seemed to work, at least for a time.

Nicholas was “like a cult leader,” his wife, Stacey, allegedly told one of his personal assistants.

Nicholas was charged with securities fraud for his role in an alleged scheme in which Broadcom deceived its shareholders about how much it was paying employees by lying about the timing of stock-option grants. Nicholas never talks about Marsalee’s murder, even to close friends, but over the years he has devoted time and considerable money to the cause. He based the company not in Silicon Valley, where everyone else was, but in Orange County, the sun-drenched suburban sprawl just south of Los Angeles.

According to the government, the company’s former chief financial officer, Bill Ruehle, who was also indicted, had referred to the scheme as the “golden goose,” and, indeed, for years this practice served to wildly inflate the profits Broadcom reported to the public. Henry Nicholas met Henry Samueli in the early 1980s when the two men were working at a defense contractor called TRW. At a time when dress codes were ostentatiously casual, Nicholas wore three-piece suits—and insisted that others at Broadcom suit up as well. circles, group people into 16 different personality types, to which Keirsey gives labels, such as the Healer and the Inspector; Masterminds make up just 1 percent of the population.) Masterminds are supposed to be calculating perfectionists who have a disregard for authority—as well as for the feelings of others.

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But by the time he actually joined the company, his options were instead priced at $95.75.

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