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Dating phone talk

I don't give a man my number until I have met him and know that I want to see him again. If we can't have a somewhat natural convo, there's no point in meeting them.

Some folks prefer the " talk on the phone" first ,which means someone has to give out a phone number, some folks don't want to talk on the phone because phone chemistry and real life chemistry are not mutually exclusive, and some don't like chatting on the phone.Talking on the phone can be:-- Useful for people who are not good typists, or good at spelling and grammar-- A crutch for people who are afraid to meet but are OK making small talk while simultaneosly watching TV or surfing the web.-- Misleading in that someone thinks they have a relationship when they've NEVER MET.-- A tool for self-delusion into thinking "everything is going great" or "we're on the same page"I would prefer to briefly talk on the phone, it gives me an idea as to what his personality is, if his voice is really high pitched & squeaky, that would be really can also tell if there are any big red flags, if they start talking crazy, or act menatally ill on the phone, you can cancel the date. Some people want to talk for hours day after day and I'm really just not into it. I of cell case something comes up on the day of the meet is good."I can chat with anyone." Me too, I'm not talking to someone to confirm my conversational skills, it's to see how the other person's are. For me, I can tell a lot about a person with a 10 minute or so phone chat.I'd rather just meet first then if we get along in person we an do the phone thing. As far as getting an address, I use a voip phone service, so I can't even find a listing for my phone no. You could get a magic jack or something, they're very inexpensive and give them that number. Usually I have talked on the phone first, but it's not a MUST DO.In person mixes the two as someone has had time to think about and prepare what they want to say before getting there, as well as there being an active environment they can use to improvise any changes based on the two people sharing the environment. I always make sure that we exchange numbers before we decide to meet up, but very rarely speak with someone. I only talk to them, if they get lost on the way to the 1st meeting...otherwise, I'd rather meet before talking.So I have no problems whatsoever not chatting on the phone at all and tend to avoid people that do like the plague. I did the throwaway phone thing and went through 4 rather quickly. If my not wanting to gab on the phone is a deal breaker then so be it. I insist on talking on the phone before I'd meet someone.

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So some will say lets meet for a quick coffee/tea/drink and decide from there, some folks don't like that because it seems like a interview Some who are active will say lets meet up without talking on the phone and go for a walk in a public place and if seems they have chemistry then they exchange numbers.