Dating multiple girls persona 3

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Dating multiple girls persona 3

Kazushi is seen complaining about the lack of motication the members of the kendo club have their practice and how Yuko leaves practice earlier. Kenji Tomochika - Hidetoshi Odagiri - Bunkichi and Mitsuko - Kazushi Miyamoto - Chihiro Fushimi - Isako Toriumi - Keisuke Hiraga - Yuko Nishiwaki - Maiko Oohashi - Pharos - Bebe - President Tanaka - Mutatsu - Mamoru Hayase - Nozomi Suemitsu - Akinari Kamiki - Rio Iwasaki - Saori Hasegawa - Ryoji Mochizuki Igor - Elizabeth - Theodore - Shuji Ikutsuki - Officer Kurosawa - Takaya Sakaki - Jin Shirato - Chidori Yoshino - Takeharu Kirijo - Kouetsu Kirijo - Eiichiro Takeba - Yuu Kimijima - Souta Aizawa - Kyouka Sayama - Mr. Modalities “Modality” is another word for “sense” – and in NLP modality work is tremendously important in understanding another person’s model of the world, so that you may better communicate with that person, in a deeper level of rapport than otherwise.As you may know, we humans navigate through the world using our 5 modalities of sight (visual), sound (auditive), sensing (kinesthetic), smell (olfactory) and taste (gustatory).He and Kenji appears briefly in the hallway of September.Kazushi and Kenji are seen again where they arrive a cafe where Makoto and Ryoji part time there in November.

Kazushi still makes many appearances throughout the game in the female storyline, usually alongside Yuko Nishiwaki (such as during the sports retreat to Yasoinaba in early August) or Kenji Tomochika (during the school trip to Kyoto in November).Finally, with the protagonist's urging he decided to tell the team about his injuries, pull out of the championship and go to the hospital for surgery.After spending some time at the hospital, Kazushi's knee injuries have healed.Of these modalities, the visual, auditive and kinesthetic are the primary ones, and they are the main modalities to look out for in your pre-set calibration, as well as your in-set communication.In the world of NLP we distinguish between Primary modality, and Lead modality.

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He first seems to be tough, serious, and focused, but is a friendly student who always works hard on the coming competition while keeping his secret about his knee injury to his other team members.