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First up are 16-inch dolls, featuring Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn.Each doll comes with fabric outfits based on their most classic comic appearances (from Harley’s red and white harlequin suit to Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth).Dating back to 1923, these exquisite dolls were some of the first collectible dolls on the market.

Next, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Batman arrive as 8-inch dolls.

The doll paper “Lifetime Careers School” offered free ads, so I sent in a notice asking who would be interested in a club. No dues, no newsletters, just people sharing information and descriptions via letters. Luella gave me the address of the Alexander showroom so I could ask for permission to use the Madam’s name.

The first letter went unanswered and I was much dismayed. We had to sign a paper agreeing to send all literature to her, all material in newsletters or ads.

She has her original Alexander-kins hang tag and her original Alexander-kins labeled box.

The original stock number for this doll is 511, as labeled on the box.

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Luella gave me a verbal push and the name of Laura B. Vera Smith came on the scene, and as a dealer she sent me pictures cut from Company catalogues.

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