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Sukkur has been an important strategic centre and trading route from time immemorial.

Alor (or Aror, Sukkur) held the status of capital under the reign of Musikanos, when Alexander invaded the region in 326 BC.

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The ruins of this ancient town still exist, 8 km east of Rohri, in Sukkur district. In 711 AD, the Arabs invaded Sindh, led by 17-year-old Muhammad bin Qasim, and Sukkur (including all of Sindh and lower Punjab) became part of the Umayyad Caliphate.

Later Mughals and many semi-autonomous tribes ruled over Sukkur. In 1833, Shah Shuja (a warlord of Kandahar, Afghanistan) defeated the Talpurs near Sukkur and later made a solemn treaty with the Talpur ruler, by which he relinquished all claims on Sindh.

On the left side of the photo, one can see the bridge connecting Bukkur island to Sukkur city. Ayub Bridge and Lansdowne Bridge connecting Rohri to Bukkur island are visible in the middle distance. Sukkur Barrage (formerly called Lloyd Barrage) was built over Indus River near Sukkur during British Raj and was inaugurated by Lord Willingdon, the Viceroy of India, on 13 January 1932.

A smaller bridge connecting Bukkur island to Sukkur city is also visible. The scheme had been launched by the Governor of Bombay, Sir George Ambrose Lloyd for whom it was named. Left Bank canals are Nara Canal, Mirwah Canal, Rohri Canal, Abul Wah and Right Bank canals are Dadu Canal, Rice Canal and Kirthar Canal.

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The spelling of the city’s name in Sindhi suggests that it is the origin of the name.

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