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Dating in gothenburg

These textiles were used as shrouds for wrapping the dead who, while seated in a basket, were then wrapped in further layers of textiles and placed in a tomb.

Such a funerary bundle could contain up to 40 embroidered textiles alternated in layers of plain cloth.

Preservation of 2,000-year-old textiles Despite being more than 2,000 years old, the colours of the Paracas textiles are still fantastic and well preserved.

The cockblock here was pretty much automatic for me. At first I was kind of annoyed that there were so many foreigners (both guys and girls), but this is actually an advantage because the Swedish girls here want the multicultural penis.

The yarn was dyed and as a result of the Alpaca wool fibres absorbing dye better than cotton fibres, most of the coloured segments in the textiles are wool fibres.

The textiles were naturally preserved in the salty sands of the Paracas but since its arrival in Gothenburg in the 1930's, the collection has been on display in a number of museum environments.

For some fishy architectural history and delicious West Coast Sweden seafood visit the (the Fish Church) at Rosenlundsgatan.

This architectural experiment built in 1874 does look like a church and does have the best, freshest seafood in Gothenburg at its fish market and restaurants.

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