Dating damon howatt bows

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Dating damon howatt bows

This was what Kittredge carried in his shop in 1960, he also carried Bear and Pearson bows.Bear and Pearson were bigger and had more money to spend on advertising and over time most of their competors went under.Such as, what year martin took them over, which serial numbers are original Damon Howatts and which are Martins, and anything else anyone might know about these excellent bows.If you know anything about them please post what you know.The new Monterey will be offered in 66 and 69 lengths for the first time. Del Rey 0.00 Posted by MWM (Member # 2486) on : Waterhole-Ike, Thanks for the information.I appreciate the time and effort you put into your reply. In my first post I stated that I am not a collector, that may change. Thanks Posted by PAPALAPIN (Member # 1384) on : IKE - Your mental illness is one that many of us share.

Hand crafted of the finest and most beautiful materials available, the Century 21 is fabricated, as are all Howatt bows, with Thermo-Glass, the original 3M Scotchply laminate for matchless strength and performance.Available in 66 and 69 lengths with weights to 75 pounds.0.00 The following is from page 5 of The Archers Magazine December 1962First Choice Howatt Target Bows Howatt Century 21 66 and 69 0.00Howatt Palomar 66 and 69 .50Howatt Little John 44 .50The following is from Archery World June/July 1972Howatt Announces 1972 Line Finer than ever, thats the word from Damon Howatt Archery officals on their new line of bows for 1972.The first new bows to be revealed are the Del Rey and Monterey models.The top of the line will remain the classical Del Rey a superb target bow.The laminated rosewood handle has been entirely restyled. It will be fitted with a stabilizer insert, adjustable pressure point, and pre-routed for the Howatt Micro-Sight.

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I finally got my first traditional bow, a Damon Howatt Coronado, from a very nice man, David Bartholomew.