Dating confessions netscape dating girls from colombia

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Dating confessions netscape

Anyway, the conversation turned to sex again, as it normally always did, and she asked me about that night I said I would fill in for my mate. I said yes, of course I did, and that I could be around in half an hour if she wanted me to. I was beginning to think I had over stepped the mark when she finally replied okay.

So, I headed out for her place with a few beers in hand. But then she took me by the hand and led me upstairs to their bedroom. We have only done this once more since then as I have lost interest.

I am the sort of guy who loves the challenge, but once Ive had my way, it is not as exciting anymore.

We also have sex sometimes, too, as neither of us is getting enough from our respective partners.

I still do love him deeply, but I don't think we will ever be together. We also both love our spouses and children and don't want them to be affected in any way by our love for each other.

I was attracted to him, and I eventually found out he felt the same way.

We only kissed and talked about our futures, but never solidified anything between us.

Ive always gotten on well with my mates wife, Cassandra. My mate had just started a new driving job and was away for a few nights.

Then one night, we were chatting over our computers.

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I'm a beautiful girl with a good figure, long black hair, and brown yes.

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