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Despite numerous obstacles, Luis and Fancy are married in the July 23, 2008, episode, and Fancy announces her pregnancy in the series finale.

It was originally said in 2005 that Fancy later made her way to Italy with her sister sometime in 2004 or 2005, with the two parting ways after Pretty fell in love with an Italian nobleman, although the revelation of Fancy and Pretty's feud in 2007 seems to have created a retcon.Fancy's eventual savior was this time Ethan, who arrived with a large bag of presents for his younger sister; even as an adult, Fancy remains close to her elder brother.As a teenager, Fancy was wild and rebellious; her thirteenth birthday party was canceled five minutes before its designated start time after she and her sister stole the caterer's van and drove it halfway to neighboring Castleton.Fancy actually unwittingly brought Alistair's wrath down on others several times, including one time as a child when a boy at the playground hurt her feelings; Fancy later cried to her grandfather about the boy's taunts, and Alistair, in turn, saw that the boy's parents lost their jobs, forcing the couple to leave Harmony with their son.Alistair's doting was never able to fully satiate Fancy's need to feel wanted and loved by her parents, however.

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Fancy is the scion of numerous wealthy, prominent families that immigrated to North America before the American Revolutionary War - her paternal grandfather is a descendant of William Ephraim Crane, a magistrate who ordered Tabitha Lenox's execution in 1693, sparking Tabitha's vendetta against the Crane family, and her maternal grandmother was a descendant of Paul Revere.

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