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Posted by / 16-Mar-2016 17:53

As part of our investigation into the short-circuit of the battery electronics, we have reported the issue to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

We are working with the Commission toward a final resolution, and taking every possible step to cooperate with the Commission so we can get your board to you as quickly as possible. We wish that boards could be shipped even sooner and understand the disappointment you’re feeling.

Our engineering and manufacturing teams have done a full audit and update of our processes to eliminate these issues in the future.

We’re currently re-qualifying our manufacturing line and are finishing an updated production schedule.

The goal of the Academic, Training, Innovation and Research unit of Central Board of Secondary Education is to achieve academic excellence by conceptualising policies and their operational planning to ensure balanced academic activities in the schools affiliated to the Board.We will share a detailed update and a new shipping schedule on Friday, December 9th.In the meantime, we understand everyone is anxious to get their boards, and we appreciate the support and patience from everyone. This week the engineering and ops teams have been hard at work finalizing a manufacturing line optimization plan as we prepare to resume production.We’ll publish a detailed schedule once all responsible teams have signed off. In the meantime, everyone here at Boosted wishes you a happy holiday weekend.

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