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If you see that your Ukrainian bride has difficulty expressing herself, try to encourage her. Trust is very important when it comes to the relationship between the partners from different nations.

To keep the conversation going, you have to ask questions.Not knowing you well enough, she might be indecisive about where to go, because she will be afraid that you would not like her choice. Of course, if she shows the initiative herself and wants to make a suggestion, this is totally fine.It will give you more information about her preferences.You should pick the topics of conversation depending on how well the y speaks the language. If you are a big fan of allegories and sarcasm, then you should know, that in case of dating with a foreigner, you will have to really watch what you are saying.It is rather awkward if you think you made a joke and the partner does not understand it at all.

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Though, Ukrainian women love a good sense of humor, so the easiest and the safest way is to make fun of yourself.

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