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Dating a guy with kids and an ex wife

Don’t get insecure, angry, or sad every time you hear her name.

You’ll definitely need to accept this man’s ex-wife, but that’s as much as you need to do.

He already had two children already and even though in the first instance he said he wanted to have another with me, I knew that he had started to change his mind 3 months in as I could sense it and I ignored the signs as I didn't want to face the consequences of that outcome.

Instead, confront your situation head on (if you want kids with a divorced guy) especially if he has children already.

DATING MISTAKE 4: Chose to be with someone who financially was in a very different situation to me.

However, men being men, he wanted to pay and this would frustrate him, and also frustrate me that he couldn't.

TIP 1: Make sure you are both aligned to what you want.

Even though he said he wanted kids, I could tell half way through our dating that things had changed, and I ignored the signs.

DATING MISTAKE 2: I got involved when he was still raging a war against his ex.

TIP 2: Make sure that the divorced guy you are dating is over his ex and/or knows how to handle his emotions towards her.

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Because he was paying for his kids and didn't earn a huge pay check, this liimited what we could do with our time together.

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