Dating 10 years younger men

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Dating 10 years younger men

The offshoot of this ever-growing trend is that men my own age are busy pursuing women in their early 20s, to the point of where its rare to find a man in his 30s or older online whole profile says anything but 'dating younger women' is what they're after, even if its just the age range that is able to contact them.And its not just me: many readers complain about the same thing, especially the 50-something ladies almost frantic with frustration, because - you guessed it - none of the men they grew up with will give them a second glance.But if you're lying about your age or withholding your age?Sooner or later it'll come out in the open, and don't be surprised if the relationship ends because of it. My Dad was 14 years older than my Mom, and a close female friend of mine has been dating a man almost twenty years her senior for seven years.‘I heard from a friend that Tinder is a good dating site so I have the app on my phone.’ Fun-loving Margaret says she often dates men younger than her daughters Karen, 49, Mandy, 47, and Joanna 41, because she finds men of her own age too dull.She explains: ‘A lot of guys at 60 plus become old, they creep about and they bend, they’re stiff and they don’t dance.Few single women today will tolerate deceit in any form, especially the 30-somethings you would like to date. May December romances happen all the time in fact - but like any good relationship, they have to start with a foundation of respect and honesty.

She said: ‘There’s more single women because more people are saying I don’t want to be married to this man any more because he’s a total a***.If Hollywood's men get to date younger lovers, Hollywood's women should get the same privilege!And this list of famous women and their younger boyfriends shows that, at least in this respect, the sexes are equal. Famous women who date younger men prove that age just a number.It’s not how old you are that counts, especially if you're still successful, rich, and hot like the ladies on this list of celeb cougars.

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Margaret Collins, who is originally from East London, has dated at least 200 men since she became single again in her 60s.

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