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Only after that was enacted could we apply for licenses.

Lagina: With the Treasure Trove Act, you could apply for licenses to dig anywhere. We don’t know what “artifact” means, because almost anything can be an artifact. It seems like it might be a little like watching a really well-edited home video. My wife had a harder time seeing me up on the screen, and then turning to see me in the chair at the same time. Lagina: It’s like you’re in your living room with a few people and we’re watching what we did on vacation.

Around this time Arista records signed The Jeff Healey Band and the first album, released 1988, featured the hit single "Angel Eyes" and the song "Hideaway," which was nominated for the Best Instrumental Grammy Award.

Something’s buried under Oak Island—at least that’s the belief that has led generations of shovel-toting treasure seekers to the small Nova Scotian islet.

How has your experience in oil and gas exploration informed your approach to solving the Oak Island mystery?Lagina: We’re trying to bring science to the whole thing—an educated perspective.We may bumble through the woods a bit, but our approach is, at its core, scientific.Of his spin around the city he said for safety he could not exploit the car’s performance to the limit during the event: ’I’d like to push it a little. In October, Mail Online revealed exclusively how by stealth and low-key guile expected of a super-spy, he effectively launched in Britain the brand new fourth generation Range Rover when he was chauffeured in it to the red carpet Skyfall premiere. E, which uses the performing arts and community programs to better people's lives.

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Chouinard: The fact that we’re taking our time, and not going full-steam on every idea that comes to mind, is something we’re proud of. Lagina: It’s a beautiful place; it reminds me of the U. The people there have been great to us—really nice, really supportive.

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