Country dating albury

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Country dating albury

The new lengthy parallel lines were considered to be cheaper to operate than the numerous short spurs such as those in the Goulburn Valley.

By 1930 the railway map of Victoria was largely complete, with the best land settled and the remaining land marginal for agriculture, with a number of lines built across the state border into the Riverina of NSW.

There were 185 locomotives in this class and they were Victorian Railway's main passenger locomotive until the arrival of the diesel electric B class in 1952.

Despite the World War I, significant extensions of rail lines were carried out, particularly in the wheat growing areas in the north west and west.

The Bendigo and Geelong–Ballarat mainlines were both built as double track in the 1860s, but were singled in the 1930s and first decade of the 21st century respectively.

the initial suburban lines were all built by different private companies centred upon Flinders St, being amalgamated into the Melbourne and Hobson's Bay United Railway Company by 1865, In 1883 the first connection to another colony's rail system was made, when the Albury-Wodonga line was completed to the New South Wales Government Railways' station at Albury, requiring a break-of-gauge to New South Wales' In 1884 Colonial Parliament passed The Railway Construction Act, which authorised fifty-nine new lines to almost every corner of the colony, and thus became known as the Octopus Act.) narrow gauge lines, and various private logging, mining and industrial railways.Railways were privately owned and operated, until the Colonial Government established the vertically integrated Victorian Railways in 1883.The new line aided freight traffic between the state capitals, and enabled though passenger trains, such as the Southern Aurora and the Intercapital Daylight.At the same time the sixties was also the end of steam, with the demolition of the massive North Melbourne Locomotive Depot on 20 January 1961.

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The trunk railway lines of Victoria are double track, some built as such, and others duplicated later on.

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