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The question is: Which one does a relationship conflict stress more, men or women?The attachment style of a person can predict his or her stress response to conflict with a partner, but the vulnerable attachment styles are very different in men and women. The study In their study involving124 couples, Sally Powers, Paula Pietromonaco, Meredith Gunlicks, and Aline Sayer examined the couples’ self-reported dependence on their partner and avoidance of intimacy, and anxiety about abandonment and rejection.In women, only those who were highly avoidant exhibited significant cortisol changes.

Conflicts in a relationship are inevitable and can stress both romantic partners.Brian Baucom, an assistant professor of clinical psychology at the University of Utah, is easily the go-to expert on the subject. But how and why does conflict happen, and how do our behaviors during those conflicts positively and negatively impact our individual well-being and the overall health of our relationships?In his third year teaching clinical psychology at the University of Utah, Dr.The results Powers and her team found that while both men and women demonstrate physiological responses to a conflict, the responses are significantly more pronounced in men compared to women and involve various attachment factors.The researchers found that, in men, anxiety strongly predicted the responses.

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