Communication while dating is jerome bettis dating trameka boykin

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Communication while dating

Yet another way of indirectly communicating is doing so through body language instead of words.More ineffective ways of communicating include misunderstanding and misinterpreting what someone is saying. But, when negative things do come up, it is important to know how to communicate those things effectively and fairly.There are basic strategies for arguing fairly, as well as many ways of communicating effectively when having that important discussion.This is called “mind reading.” Saying something like, “You like putting me down” would be mind reading because you assume you know what the other person is thinking or intending.

If you feel unimportant to your partner, for example, provide him/her with an example of a situation you felt demonstrates this perception.

A very important communication skill is active listening.

When you actively listen, you temporarily refrain from talking; your only task is to focus on what your partner is saying. When it is your turn to speak, avoid blaming and criticizing your partner.

When criticizing, statements often begin with “You always…” or “You never…”.

Often, name calling will be involved, as in the statements, “You are irresponsible” or “You are selfish.” Communicating in this way will drive a wedge between you and your partner instead of resolving the conflict.

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