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Comcast tv guide not updating

In short, I'm royally pissed off.  In my area, ever since Ti Vo switched to Rovi, the Ti Vo program guide has been a mess, Wrong episodes listed, right episode number but wrong description, "to be announced" (no show info at all for a timeslot), no descriptions for far too many shows, incomplete and sometimes missing actors listings, missing cover art for the many shows, original air dates missing, etc., etc.Whatever guide service Ti Vo used before they switched to Rovi was a far, far better service.See, what's weird is that I did see that "to be announced" issue on a few channels in certain timeslots every day, like the 2pm block on ABC, on my Ti Vo using Rovi, but not on my X1 when it too was using Rovi.I'm guessing that the X1 just gets updated more frequently throughout the day or on-the-fly when a program change occurs verses Ti Vo's once-a-day method? The Ti Vo box in our living rooms (or where ever) is updated from Ti Vo's main guide database once every day or so. The Ti Vo main guide database seems to be updated on a different schedule.Since Wednesday, I noticed the text on Comcast's EPG (at least on the Memphis system) had changed, with the program descriptions about the same (word for word) as those on Zap2

That source also cautioned that a number of Gracenote's existing contracts may be up for renewal, adding some uncertainty to the company's business outlook. However, interest in the private equity world cooled significantly following Rovi's acquisition of Ti Vo, according to another source.I really like it, it's much more detailed and in depth, much more rich compared to what Gracenote offers.I cannot convey the depth of my displeasure regarding this news.From the beginning, Tribune was looking to sell Gracenote for at least 0 million, according to a source with knowledge of these plans.It approached a number of strategic investors and also got significant interest from private equity companies, with one source estimating that the price tag at one point rose to 0 to 0 million.

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Some of its customers include Apple, , Time Warner Cable, Direc TV, Sony, Amazon, Ford, and Toyota.: Tribune Media acquired Gracenote from Sony in 2013 for $170 million, and subsequently merged it with its own TMS subsidiary, which had been selling TV guide data to operators for decades.

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