Clay aiken dating reed kelly

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Clay aiken dating reed kelly

The next day, Jeff came and took all of the rewards Hunahpu accumulated over the course of the game.At the Hero's Arena, Reed competed in the duel against Baylor Wilson for a Survivor Barbecue.3 Words to Describe You: Perfectionist, outgoing, overachiever.If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why?

2) My pillow – because it would be a super comfy piece of home and I perform better well rested.

She manages to do this while also being an amazing and supportive mother/wife on a daily basis. Hobbies: Working out, walks with my pup, watching documentaries, Survivor, google-journeys, eating good food and Earth/cosmic science.

Pet Peeves: Slow walkers on the sidewalks of NYC, exceedingly slow baristas and lazy individuals who don't utilize the gifts/opportunities they have been given.

On Day 11 at the Hero's Arena, there was a Tribe Switch. Unfortunately at this point, Hunahpu barely had any rice left.

Jeremy Collins was upset with the tribe switch because Reed could easily flip to Josh.

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Relationship to Significant Castaway: Josh's boyfriend Current Residence: New York City, N. Occupation: Broadway Performer/Model/Aerialist Personal Claim to Fame: Having raised over $130,000 for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS to date via my personal fundraising group Team Yellow Bucket.

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