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They accuse the Church of Christ of having a different gospel, being divisive and sectarian, legalistic, and ignoring or explaining away passages of Scripture that do no fit their presuppositional interpretation. By this he meant that they belittle the finished work of Jesus while elevating man's role in salvation.

Could any of these charges against such a biblically based group be at all true?

HISTORY OF THE CHURCH OF CHRIST Following is a brief history of the so-called Restoration Movement ("Stone-Campbell Movement") from which the Church of Christ arose.

The movement began in the early 1800's in Kentucky by Alexander Campbell, his father Thomas, and others—especially Barton Stone.

It would also be an admission that they are a denomination started by men.

Today, many people in the Restoration Movement refer to the movement as the .

However, the hypercon contingent resolutely refuses to acknowledge any association with these men.

Below is a summary of the doctrines of the majority within the Churches of Christ.

The list below of doctrines is believed by all within the legalistic patternist group and at least some of them are believed by most within the Church of Christ.

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Personal interpretation of Scripture should not be the basis for judging others or made the basis of Christian communion.

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