Chris botti who is he dating

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Chris botti who is he dating

This Shires has a 2R bell (red brass flare with unsoldered rim, original Shires mandrel) and a trubore valve.The trubore valve offers a straight airflow on the open side of the horn and a gentle swoop of the tubes for the F attachment side, one of the best and most even blowing valves on the market.The bell is a 2RVET7 flare, which means conn taper red brass bell with thin rim wire and unsoldered bead.

Extremely versatile and mouthpiece specific, smaller mouthpiece sounds commercial and bigger piece gives a great orchestral sound. Slide action is good but does have some chrome wear.Overall in good condition, some minor bell repairs and a few dents/scratches but overall fairly clean.Comes with a Cronkhite gig bag with backpack straps.A used friendly bass sackbut this is one of the best "bangs for your buck" you can get info for a high quality professional level instrument.This one has 3rd position bell to slide relationship.

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