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It's Thanksgiving and Jim and Andy are going bowling.Cheryl doesn't like the idea very much, so she sends the girls with him.Jim and Cheryl find themselves wondering if they've set too many rules for their household when they find themselves arguing over whether to allow a TV in the girls' room, making Jim promise Cheryl not to ride his motorcycle.However, Ruby tells Jim that Cheryl has been smoking again.

During dinner, Alicia tells Jim she's a vegetarian, believes God is a female and is also a Packers fan – a big insult to Jim. Jim rubs it on her face until Cheryl confronts Alicia, who reveals it's only because she thinks Cheryl's too perfect.

However, not wanting his daughter to miss out on the fun of the Halloween spirit, Jim sneaks her out anyway and they head together, but Cheryl finds out about the situation.

Meanwhile, Andy becomes convinced that he's being stalked by Carrie, his ex.

However, Dana buys a beautiful and touching charm bracelet, going over the spending limit in the process, just to annoy Jim.

Cheryl ends up finding out that all her anniversary gifts over the past ten years were bought by Dana, so Jim buys a large TV as his own gift to her.

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