Chelsea staub and steven mcqueen dating thin dating site

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Chelsea staub and steven mcqueen dating

While Derek tries for the football team and Stephanie begins cheerleading, Virgil's high school career takes a bad turn.

Charlie Tuttle (Luke Benward), a genius who skipped many grades, rockets onto the field on a rocket-propelled car, losing control until Derek throws a football at him and knocks him off. Virgil and Charlie are forced to dress as cheerleaders and are hung on the school mascot's, a bighorn sheep, horns.

This in turn causes the street performer to win the lottery using the numbers they provided. Manoux) attempts to stop the "Snowsuit Guys", the name everybody knows them by, though they call themselves the "Minutemen".

Jeanette (Kara Crane) helps the trio save outcasts from social embarrassment by providing them with white snowsuits to wear and handles the machine while the boys are time-traveling. After the "Snowsuit Guys" are named local heroes, they save Stephanie from falling off her cheerleader's pyramid.

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I get the weekend off so we get to experience a little of that.

Recognizing one of them as Virgil, Stephanie confronts Virgil and he is finally allowed to hang out with the popular kids.

After experiencing a humiliating loss at the state championship, Stephanie asks Virgil to help out Derek.

They test the time machine out by buying a winning lottery ticket.

Forgetting that they are underage, they ask a local street performer to buy it for them, but are forced to return to the present early.

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Virgil does so and Stephanie informs Derek of the time machine as well, in turn causing the former friends to be reunited.

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