Chelsea lately dating dave salmoni onspeeddating facebook

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Chelsea lately dating dave salmoni

What I found interesting was the next day, he sent me a friend request on Facebook. Also, is The Abbey even be considered a "gay bar" anymore? Last time I was there in March, it was overrun with straight women. In the United States, that would make it Saturday night, August 30, anytime between 8 p.m. in San Diego, California that Diana was in a car accident.The news about Diana continued from that time on when the world though she was just injured--and then continued all through the early evening and into the night..then 'round the clock when she was pronounced dead.[quote]homas Roberts at gay bars and such over the years, and he's a major attitude queen and a stuck-up cunt.He twirled around and sort of skulked, too, sipping his drink. Among others:- Tuc Watkins (Woody's in Toronto, chatting some fellow up)- Former porn twink Danny Brown (Taktiks in Ottawa 20 years ago - not so much a celebrity, nor actively flirting by the time I got there - more a case of being carried out by security while still taking long hauls off a bottle of poppers)DL icon Raul Esparza and his chorus boy (ex)boyfriend Nick Mayo, kissing intensely at the Drama Desk afterparty. Early 2000's bar called Felt in LA on Santa Monica.No one noticed him or made a big deal about him and then he left.2. Raul definitely looked like he had more than a few drinks. Tuesday nights ladies night Christina Aguilera was there many Tuesday's with a group of girls.Traxx was a basically a music showcase club, much like the late Village club, The Bottom Line.Bands usually played there for small audiences of music industry insiders. The first was walking west on 19th between 7th and 8th (near G) a few years ago.After a few Cosmos, my partner, who does a great imitation of him, said "I just wanna be loved! I think he's been way more adventurous than his harpy fans would imagine though."LL Cool J.Long before his national fame, he came into this club called Traxx in NY.

He came in wearing a cape (I'm serious) and a kind of broad-brimmed hat. Can't remember the name of the place, but went there with some friends when I lived down there for a bit. The prospect seemed interesting, but ultimately, Carrot Top is just so WEIRD looking. A falling-down drunk Nathan Lane once hit on me at the old Works bar on the UWS. I've seen him at other gay places around NYC over the years, and he was always smashed - serious drinking problem. And this was years ago, I can only imagine what he must look like up-close now.I have no intention of getting arrested for public lewdness or any such charge, but I can tell you plenty of people were having sex in that bar. The closest I've come to seeing a celeb in a local gay venue is the cute morning news reporter (I think he's asian)around the WEHO spots.Wish I had something better, but Harvey Fierstein at The Hotel Rex bar in SF.Traxx was never a gay club, as far as I know Traxx wasn't when I went there.I used to go there a lot, a close friend's sister was a booker there.

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