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Chance furlong felina feral dating fanfiction

In this, she would’ve investigated a rash of deaths in Megakat City in which male victims turned up dessicated and drained of life.While patrolling one night, she would’ve happened upon two gargoyle-like creatures attempting to abduct a construction foreman at Skycor Towers, and fight the monsters with the assistance of T-Bone.Other Notes: The site has changed, but the submission process has not.All submissions still need to be submitted for review.Unlike her uncle, she seems to give the SWAT Kats the benefit of the doubt, as evident in investigation of the “accident” that was engineered by Dark Kat to shatter Razor’s self-confidence.), a season two episode that was never completed because the show was cancelled.

Browse the archive's 762 stories written by 192 authors below, or view the guidelines to get started on submitting your story. Alternate Universe – He had watched helplessly as his friend walked away from everything they’d both stood for. (5 Chapters – Work In-Progress) Read More Chapters 2 and 3 up! ” He sat up and stretched, for the first time seeing that he had fallen asleep at his work station. He installed the audio software before he left this morning. ” The words transferred themselves to the main computer console, then echoed across the hangar. ” /Professor Greenbox decided it would be easiest if we communicated this way.Likewise, if you would be willing to beta-read and would like us to “advertise” you, feel free to mail us. Challenge Page: All current challenges are listed along with the submissions that have been made to them. If you don’t approve of any of the context, don’t read the story.Please note that these challenges are just suggestions made by either fanfic authors or readers to encourage ideas they like. We will post warning to any stories that may contain mature material.

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