Celibacy online dating

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Celibacy online dating

Off line, if you're shy, and can't approach women, you better have money. Take some creative writing classes, learn how to express yourselves creatively, and humorously.

If you don't have money, you better have an Internet connection. If you're reasonable attractive, take pictures that capture your best characteristics, in different lighting schemes, and lastly, learn how to make your first reply to a woman creative, captivating, and unique from the hundreds seemingly duplicate replies she's already received.

Sure, you'll come across women who refuse to date a guy just because he's black, but a mature woman with an open mind isn't going to make the Neanderthal assumptions you've brought up.

Flipping this around, would you date a white girl who only dates black guys (I know a couple of them)?

I live up here and I partially agree with this statement.

Anecdotally, I grew up in a neighborhood with all the races, and none of the guys, black, white, brown or yellow, had problems with women due strictly to race.

My friends say I'm picky- so if picky means being only interested in emotionally stable, baggage free, height-weight proportionate, open-minded women with a sense of humor, and the ability to have intelligent discourse, I guess I'm picky.

Because really, she's no different than any color girl who only dates white guys or whatever; same bias and racism, just pointed in a different direction. Not only do you not have any courage.....have an obviously ridiculously high standard to meet when it comes to women. you joined POF 2 weeks ago and already you're whining?

I think, like Rush, you need to work on your confidence and identify what good things you bring to the table. You don't really say it.......I get the impression your looking forsome 1950's type of woman. this has nothing to do with you being black and everything to do with your SELF-PITY. if that's your version of "optimism", then you've got some hard lessons to you think nobody wants to date you now, just wait until they hear you pissing & moaning about how you can't get what you want all because you're black and/or shy.

I've found that attractive women are only willing to go so far in showing their interest in you.

If you can't recognize their signals, or are afraid to approach them, then you've failed their first and most important test. Let's just say that they represent a class of women that doesn't appeal to me in the slightest- pretty much a polar opposite of the aforementioned traits.

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I know I'm desirable, don't need validation of that, but I can recall countless situations where attractive women out and about have given me the come on.

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