Candidating for ministry

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Candidating for ministry

If you are nearing the end of your time at Westminster but spent every waking second tucked away in an isolated corner of the library, you may have difficulty tapping into a network of people who will keep their ears open for an ordained position suited to you.However, do not despair; it is never too late to reach out to others and to help those who reach out to you.A keen reader Nicola will try most things including J. In this section we explore the best resources available to you for finding an ordained ministry position.Mentored Ministry: Mentored Ministry does more than give you useful and relevant ministry experience; it provides you with valuable exposure to mentors who will see your work firsthand and be able to give you advice and tips on finding ordained ministry.Perhaps you can even acquire a position with the church where you were mentored.Presbytery: Going to presbytery meetings regularly will help you form contacts within your target denomination, as well as gain insight into how particular church and ministry situations are handled.Knowing the right people within your denomination will be beneficial for finding the right ordained position.

Prayer helps to ensure that your hunt for ordained ministry is oriented toward Christ and away from self.Your pastor, elders, deacons and church members may know of open positions within your denomination.They may also be able to spread the word about your job hunt and be willing to provide references for you.Nicola enrolled at the Queens Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, Birmingham in September 2013 on a two year course of study as initial preparation for ordination.The Methodist Conference appointed Nicola to serve the Milton Keynes Circuit in 2015 for five years as a probationer minister prior to possible ordination in 2017.

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Ask for the Lord’s guidance and for assurance that you are pursuing the right field and that an open position is suited for you, your family, and those seeking a shepherd.

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