C a wunderlich violin dating

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Naturally, then, Czech Bohemians, intellectuals, but also businessmen, wanted to enjoy their "roaring twenties" with the same intensity that they saw in the big Western cities. MIM, Phoenix US, (until 2011 Fiske Museum, Claremont, US) (Albert Rice speaks of an alto, D. The form is unfavorable for the trumpet embouchure, and, as Heribert Schrder states, simply using a mute might be cheaper and more appealing to the audience then buying a newly designed trumpet.The Jazzophon is an almost forgotten instrument, a trumpet in the shape of a saxophone with two bells.One bell sounds like a normal trumpet, the other like a muted trumpet.Click on the camera icons in the 'Photos' column to view photographs of the instruments.(Swipe left on smartphone screens to scroll to these columns) Makers: ?

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The Jazzophon was not a success, like many other newly invented saxophone-like instruments from that period.

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