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She Influences Your Career Bossy women are resentful if you are working hard at the office and may influence you to quit your job. She Controls Your Time A bossy girlfriend holds you on a leash, scheduling how you spend the day.

Another scenario is when they make you quit a job you like, for another one that makes you more money. Now that both have cell phones, she keeps a tab on your activities and holds you accountable for every minute and how you spend it. a bossy woman would always ask u 2 :wash her panties,change her pad during menstruationdictate to u the kind of friends 2 keepchoose ur friends 4 uask u not to watch football with ur friendstell u to go and eat in a restaurant that she can't cook or is tired to cookonly sex u whenever she's Hot if not no sex Wetin I dey do with bossy woman in the first place when I no dey find Green card?

For example, you should not agree going to a restaurant where you do not like the food.2.

She Insults You Often Bossy women may make it a habit to belittle you all the time, with jokes about your looks, job, education or hobbies, trying to gain dominance in a playful manner.

She Takes Over Your House Your bossy girlfriend just invades your living space and soon your place will be cluttered with scented candles, odd perfumes, pictures of children, sceneries and flowers and generally an alien atmosphere.

She takes full charge of how to arrange and decorate your apartment, leaving you out of the picture! She Controls Your Budget Bossy women love to control their boyfriend’s budget.

Men are advised not to put up with such behaviour in the guise of good humour.

Instead, maybe you can give back in the same coin, with some ‘good humoured’ jibes to her. She Is The Decision-Maker Bossy women think they know better than others.

I like their confidence and they are less likely to cheat because of their egos.If a bossy woman is ruling your life, it is time for some self-searching and attitude reversal. This is why a man should never be a house husband while the wife provides for the family.Pick up the courage to leave a woman who treats you as second-rate! The scenario is even a nightmare Bossy ladies r for weakmen this happens when the woman is more educated, more experienced, older, richer Etc than d man who is only in d rship for wat he stands to gain materially than for anytin else.If you think that this is some kind of marketing hype then see what other visitors say about 2knowmyself. The psychology of control freaks How to become an alpha male How to make anyone fall in love with me fast? The Solid confidence program was launched by; the program will either help you become more confident or give you your money back.

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