Boonex dolphin dating site

Posted by / 25-Dec-2015 16:43

Boonex dolphin dating site

Creating a dating site is like creating a social networking site.

The fact that other (more popular) sites already exist, it's extremely difficult to get people to join yours.

Improvements and fixes are not just progressing from 7.1, they also stem from Trident (our resident lab rat).

I've made some in the past for others and they've been fairly successful.

One thing I was thinking it would be very cool to have is a 'premium profile' where normal members get slimmed down profiles and no contact, premium members get extended profile content, and can contact etc...

I guess this could be done by page block settings, allowing viewing to premium members only?

If so, what content do you include as free, and what as premium?

It seems the basic way to do it is to have free membership, allowing to view but not message members, or to have trial membership that expires maybe?

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I know how to use dolphin in order to get the functionality needed, just curious what approach others may have incase Im stuck on my own way of thinking!

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