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There is a BIG difference between reporting the news, doing commentary, and making up the news and sadly too much of the last category seems to be increasing these days.

The dump is distributed as a gz file (2.1Gb compressed, 7.7Gb uncompressed).

It contains 63,036,271 deleted triples in 20 files (there is no particular meaning to the individual files, it is just easier to manipulate several smaller files than one huge file).

Since its coining in 1946 by French critic Nino Frank, who observed from afar something dark, quite literally, going on at the American cinema, the term “film noir” has been debated and debated and debated some more. The roles were reversed, the world was upside down. All that paranoia and pathos, before the second Red Scare.

Homes they didn’t recognize, communities that had gone on in their absence, workplaces that no longer needed them, and wives who weren’t dependent on them anymore.

2) During the early days of the reporting on the Jessica Ridgeway case, almost all the reporters stated in their articles that "Jessica left the home at....." when in fact there was not yet proof at that point that Jessica left her home of her own accord.

Sometimes police do this to trip up some killer by misreporting the facts of the case but I have yet to see that this is a useful method and that any positive results outweigh the damage done by lying to the public. (or listen to the recording for October 30, 2012) for further discussion of the issues of lying and misreporting in the media, by law enforcement, by families, by victims of crime (like those girls who claim they were kidnapped when they weren't), and by folks in our lives.They should make clear that these are statements by these particular people and then the onus of lying falls on those who lie.I have a whole different set of issues with misrepresentation of the facts by law enforcement as I feel that it makes the citizens mistrust the police and this screws up future investigations.And commentary should clearly be commentary and it should be based on facts and not unproven guesswork (then one should say, "If...").News should not be exaggerated to make it a bigger story and muck up people's lives.

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