Blind dating star cast

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Rebecca Northan’s great idea for an improvised theatre show — a 90-minute date between a trained comic performer and a random audience member — has become an international sensation.

Needless to say, Keach's best work appears to be neither in front of nor behind the camera. Chris Pine, who plays Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek film, is blind but resilient Danny, a jobless young man who still lives at home with his parents.

In the show, the central performer takes on the guise of a French clown, complete with red nose — Orton plays “Mimi,” Tomlinson “Mathieu” — but their interactions with their date draw on their own experiences. I fell for them in the way where one human is really soaking in and appreciating another human.

During a rehearsal run, Orton discovered a common interest in landscaping with her date Cathrin Winkelmann (a Buddies board member who volunteered to help out). But I always felt that they were being so brave and open with me, and there was a lot I was not telling them.

Although his directing experience consists mostly of sporadic TV episodes and telefilms, a number of theatrical distributions dot his filmography.

In 1995 he directed Billy Bob Thornton and Robert Duvall in The Stars Fell on Henrietta and again worked with Thornton, this time the story writer, on the 2001 comedy Camouflage starring Leslie Nielsen.

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If you followed all those rules all the time, you’d have the best life ever.” plays through Oct.