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Beryllium 7 dating

We would expect an uptrend though over coming years with rising consumption from the telecommunications, automotive electronics and computer industries.

Some prognosticate a considerable increase in beryllium consumption in Latin America and Asia in the upcoming years.

Beryllium increases hardness and resistance to corrosion when alloyed with aluminium, cobalt, copper (notably beryllium copper), iron and nickel.

In structural applications, high flexural rigidity, thermal stability, thermal conductivity and low density (1.85 times that of water) make beryllium a sought-after aerospace material for high-speed aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, and communication satellites.

The Spor Mountain mine in Utah produced more than 85% of the 230 tpa of beryllium mined worldwide.

On the technological side the applications employing beryllium-containing alloys could make a significant contribution to the world beryllium market growth.

The US is forecast to remain the dominant market player in both consumption and production.

In 2012, the global production of beryllium registered a 12.3% Yo Y decrease, declining to approximately 228.41 tonnes.

The US is an unrivalled leader in the world beryllium market, with more than 87% share of the world beryllium output.

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Yet there is a strong contrast between the relative lack of toxicity of beryllium in natural materials and the highly toxic effects of beryllium compounds as industrial products.