Before updating scaffolding from new db p2p dating

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Before updating scaffolding from new db

The idea behind it is that you won't end up overwriting a change that your application didn't know has happened - it's basically a little safety measure thrown in by . If it's consistent, odds are it's happening within your own logic (EG: You're actually updating the data yourself in another method in-between the select and the update), but it could be simply a race condition between two applications.

This is happening in a single-user environment (on my dev machine) so I don't think it could be a race condition.

So EF would send the record I was trying to insert w/o a key which is fine if you remember to tell sql that field is an auto increment Identity field, which I forgot : Check whether you forgot the "Data Key Names" attribute in the Grid View.

it's a must when modifying data within the Grid View had the same problem, i figure out that was caused by the Row Version which was null.

" statement up in a View Controller that was sending nonsense down to data tier. I had the primary key as a gridbound column that was set to read only.

It would work fine if the column was display="false" but readonly="true" caused the problem.

For me the issue was I didn't have the sql table setup correctly.

My trigger was doing an insert into a separate table, so I just added this last line to my trigger: I got that error when I was deleting some rows in the DB (in the loop), and the adding the new ones in the same table.I need to know how to create a history log my products which was uploaded using excel my problem is i dont know what action should i tackle on is it index or edit?and should i use ILIST in order to get the table data... i have a files uploaded which is excell then temporarily put in the list 2.i found that any errors during update were usually because of: - No primary key in Table - No primary key in Edit view/form (e.g. The problem it turned out was caused by a Trigger on the table I was trying to save to.The Trigger used 'INSTEAD OF INSERT' which means 0 rows ever got inserted to that table, hence the error.

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I am binding to a custom grid control with an Entity Data Source so I'm not sure exactly what's happening behind the scenes, but I don't have any extra code of my own that is modifying the tables. I think you can on a per-column basis in your entity model (It's in the properties window), but the thing is that'll just prevent you seeing the error and it'll still not update anything.

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